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Once Upon a Potty was a book written and illustrated by Alona Frankel for her son Michael. Friends all wanted copies, a local publisher printed it, took it to a book fair, and the rest is publishing history: after BOY and GIRL versions first appeared in the late-70's, Once Upon a Potty titles became best-sellers in the U.S., Holland, Israel & Japan; the hardcover books and animated VHS videos have sold over 4,000,000 copies since 1990 in the United States alone!

These classic books were listed as No. 1 (BOY) and No. 3 (GIRL) in Publisher Weekly's all-time best-selling Hardcover Childcare charts. A grass-roots audience of millions returns again and again to Once Upon a Potty books & videos for natural, unexploited fun and effectiveness; there are jazz audiocassettes with mini-book paks and anatomically-correct plush dolls, with their own plastic mini-potty, will soon be available again.

In recent years, publishing licensee HarperCollins has redesigned Once Upon a Potty and ten of Alona's other Joshua & Prudence book titles, introducing them to many new fans in the U.S. & Canada. VHS licensee Barron's Educational has recently released DVD versions of the two Once Upon a Potty titles to great commercial success. And the new, 1-piece, saddle-shaped, full-size potties are a quiet revolution in themselves: denying the big guys' "let's make it complicated" norm, they opt instead for retro European elegance - as seen in the best-selling videos - for the largest, most comfortable sitting area yet easy cleaning; a built-in splashguard; a portable, attractive "My First Furniture" that is magically effective.

7 or 8 out of any 10 U.S. caregivers will recognize Joshua, Prudence, or Once Upon a Potty! An amazing level of familiarity, thus far achieved with zero PR. Equally appreciated by children of many ages, as well as recognized by Parent Polls from Kimberly-Clark and other giants, Once Upon a Potty's appeal is truly evergreen and non-seasonal; it has a unique naturalness all its own. Once Upon a Potty is again poised to regain its rightful position as leader of all potty-related packs. Child Matters is carefully expanding the brand and its offerings, and is open to creating exclusive bundles and mutually beneficial co-branding.

Featured at international book fairs in the U.S., Italy, Israel, Egypt & Japan.
Selected for the Honor List of The International Board on Books for Young People, presented by The Hans Christian Andersen Award.
Lectures often - including the National U.S. International Conference on Children's Literature - and is invited to many television and radio programs.
Believes that "the only differences between children and adults are life experience and the child's dependency on an adult"; respects a child's sense of judgment, with her books reflecting liberal views, and aversion to indoctrination and violence.

Licensor, producer and manufacturer of quality children items, including, but not limited to, books, videos, preschool television and toys.
Founder & president (and Alona's son) Ari Frankel, has won multiple Parent's Choice, A.C.E., Parent Council and International New York TV & Film Festival awards.
A Grammy-nominated composer, Mr. Frankel is also a successful producer, writer, designer and manager, bringing absolute commitment to every project and order.
As vendor, Child Matters is EDI-enabled, fast to respond, and ultra-reliable in its deliveries. For more information, please visit

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