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Once Upon A Potty boy Once Upon A Potty girl

Once Upon a Potty - BOY and GIRL hardcover classics - Joshua and Prudence figure out how to use the potty, in these bestselling titles.

Once Upon A Potty boy Once Upon A Potty girl

Once Upon a Potty - BOY and GIRL vhs videos - Musical, animated, effective productions. These colorful favorites will accelerate the child's adoption of the potty route. Features the rock standard The Potty Song. DVD version also available.

Once Upon A Potty audio boy Once Upon A Potty audio girl

Once Upon a Potty - BOY and GIRL jazzAudiocassette + miniBook packages feature a Joshua & Prudence jazz theme and a Bossa-nova version of The Potty Song with top-notch New York City jazz musicians. Also a full reading of the story and an adorable 5x5" mini-book version of the Once Upon a Potty classics. Click here for an MP3 version of the song.

Prudence's Goodnight Book

Prudence's Goodnight Book - Why, when and where does Prudence sleep? With her mother's help, Prudence finds calm, warmth, and security at home.

I Want My Mother Book

I Want My Mother - Joshua's mother is away. All kinds of animals offer to mother him, but Joshua wants his own wonderful, one and only mother.

Joshua's Book Of Manners

Joshua's Book Of Manners - Joshua learns manners and the magic words "please", "thank you", "bless you", and "excuse me".

Prudence's Book Of Food

Prudence's Book Of Food - Why, what and when does Prudence eat? Prudence explores food and where it comes from.

Prudence's Get Well Book

Prudence's Get Well Book- How did Prudence get sick? Prudence follows the doctor's orders and gets plenty of rest so she can get better.

Joshua's Counting Book

Joshua's Counting Book - Joshua asks his family and their pets to help him learn to count. Later, he finds out he could have done it with just his own ten fingers.

Prudence's Babysitter Book

Prudence's Babysitter Book - When Prudence's father and mother go out, Faith the babysitter comes to look after her, play with her, and put her to bed.

Joshua's Book Of Clothes

Joshua's Book Of Clothes - Why does Joshua wear clothes? What does he wear? Joshua explores clothes, where they come from, and what people used to wear.

The Moon and the Stars

The Moon and the Stars - Sometimes Prudence is moody and grumpy. She feels like something is missing. What can that special something be?

On Grandparents' Farm

On Grandparents' Farm - Joshua's family off to visit his grandfather and grandmother's farm, where Joshua learns about country life and meets all kinds of animals.

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